Moms old fashioned Baked Beans

Cholesterol Free Vegan Recipe
Moms baked beans
Soak 1 # navy beans overnight (wash and remove pebbles)
boil 2 min
add ½ teaspoon baking soda, stirring 1 minute
cover w/ water
boil 20 min add:
½ c br sugar
2 T molasses
½ t mustard
1 onion
¼ c green pepper
s & p
1/2 C bacos or other bacon flavored chip (optional)
2 qt dish
250 6 hours
adding more water if dry
Stir in 1 t liquid smoke when you remove from oven (optional)
If you forget to soak overnight, you can always boil beans for 5 minutes,
then remove from heat and set 1 hour... then proceed .

I sometimes cheat and use canned beans, and add all the ingredients, then boil
simmer about an hour on the stovetop... But for best flavor cook them all day or night!

Author: Vegan Wolf