Best Homemade CHILI recipe

Chili Ingredients

2 T oil

1 onion

3+ cloves garlic

1 Green pepper

1 red pepper

½ t ground cloves

½ allspice

2 t oregano

2 T turbinado sugar

2 t chili powder

1 T cumin

1 24 oz Can Crushed tomatoes

1 64 oz Can tomato juice (less for thicker chili)

(1/4 C jalepinos optional)

2 Cans red beans




Saute onions, bell peppers, and spices in oil a couple minutes.

Add remaining ingredients.

Boil / simmer 1 hour or more

Serve Chili over rice

Optional: Add 1 C TVP or vegi burger



Serve chili with hot sauce

Corn is another optional ingredient...
try offering pineapple as a seperate topping.

or a cheesy sauce

Chili is even better the next day!

Freezes well.

Author: Vegan Wolf