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Who is Veganwolf...NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR:

My idea for this website was originally to share my recipes. I feel that by showing others how easy it is to serve vegan food, more people might be willing to try it, whether for moral reasons, health reasons, or just because it tastes good!

I am also always amazed at how the general public still has such archaic ideas when it comes to not eating meat..... what do you eat then? How do you get enough protein? etc....

I would like to help eliminate those false ideas., and hopefully open eyes, hearts and minds to a larger, cruelty free world.

I want to give the basic ideas and principles behind veganism, focusing on the food aspect. Although a vegan will not use any animal product what so ever,including items like leather, gel capsules, only use cruelty free toiletries etc... I do not use makeup, and live very modestly, so I personally do not have any desire to research those items, yet know there is a lot of information pertaining to those on line to those who want it.

Being a vegan is a complete way of life, as in breathing, which is so obvious to those of us who live it. It is not a choice. It is how it is supposed to be. Period.

Perhaps I can help others at least understand why here , and maybe help some realize the importance of a non-animal based diet.

We are all raised believing certain things, and when someone contradicts those beliefs, most people automatically put up a wall, thinking they are being attacked, when in fact they are not, they are just being shown that there are other ways of living in this world, and that the one you were taught, through family, school, the media, etc... might not be the best way.... , and I ask you to, at least, go through these sites with an open mind.

I have always had a passion for all animals, yet wolves had always stood out and been my favorite. The persecution and misunderstanding wolves had gone through perhaps resonated with being vegan to some degree.

I am in my 50s and have been a vegetarian Since college. I became completely VEGAN in 2003. I studied nutrition, public health, restaurant management, among other things in College and still keep up with all the most recent findings in the field of nutrition.

I've worked in a few restaurants over the years and even as the head chef, for eight years, on a tour boat converting recipes to vegetarian to unsuspecting meat eaters, with only praise as the result.

I love food, I love eating, and I love cooking. Knowing how to eat right comes naturally for me, as does converting foods. Flavor does not have to be sacrificed nor does variety when cooking vegan. One usually ends up with a healthier meal when serving vegan over a non vegan meal, but one can make things such as corn dogs, brownies, and even greasy donuts and other typical unhealthy or fast food if they have that desire.

I hope that this site makes things a lot easier on any one who doesn't have my experience with foods. I welcome anyone interested, to contact me with questions, comments or even a recipe they would like some help in converting.

Be conscious in your every day living. Every thing we do, and buy, has an impact on the planet. Find your conscience. Do your best every day to not cause pain and to make this place a better one.

Live lightly, so others may live....

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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. "

Dwight D. Eisenhower President of the United States

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"If you don't like my opinions leave. But just remember, the animals can't leave the cages that hold them. They are captive and suffering. As you cozy into your bed tonight, try to imagine the pain and the suffering that they endure day after day and night after night. Next time you get some soap in your eyes, try to imagine that pain for 3 or 4 days at a time. Next time you have a stomach ache, try to imagine liquid plumber being poured down your throat till you puke so much blood that you bleed to death. Next time you bump your head, try to imagine being a monkey and getting a steel plate smashed into your skull at 50 miles per hour. Then, only then should you feel compelled to tell me that I'm wrong about my opinions. For all these things have happened in the name of science. They continue in abundance till this day. "

Ricki Rockett

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