VEGAN BBQs and Picnics

VEGAN Barbeques and Picnics

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VEGAN BBQs and Picnics

There are vegan alternatives for all the standard bbq and picnic items, Vegan ready made burgers and hotdogs, sausages, even steaks!

meatless burger picture

I strongly encourage newbies to go to a health food based grocery store and look at all the options.

But just like any ready made meat food, there are a lot of choices, and personal tastes account for everything!

For example, there are more than a dozen different hotdog type items, so try a few, until you find the perfect one

I really like the sausages by tofurky brand, but for a plain, kid friendly hotdog, I like the canned ones by Loma Linda

Tofurky Sausage

VEGAN Recipes and more ideas for picnics and barbeques

Great for grilling

More traditional ideas and recipes for the picnic basket

  • Chips
  • pickles
  • fruit
  • carrot/celery sticks
  • salads
  • Moms traditional BAKED BEANS
  • Moms potato salad
  • Pasta Salads
  • 3 bean Salad
  • Traditional Coleslaw and more (Cabbage Salads)
  • cookies

  • A lot more is being added, including pictures and Recipe links! So come back soon!

    You can also use the search box, or Vegan Recipes link to find my recipes before I get them linked here.

    Have some more ideas or pictures for vegan bbqs or picnics? Let me know!!

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