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Being a vegan is a complete way of life, as in breathing, which is so obvious to those of us who live it. It is not a choice. It is how it is supposed to be. Period. Here you will find Vegan Recipes, vegan menu ideas, lots of vegan / plant based information everyone can use!


Blue bears? Ice worms? Whales... I love animals and the wilderness. Places few people go. Here, I share some of my travels and favorite photos.

Who is Vegan Wolf??

Being vegan, living green... I have always had a passion for all animals, yet wolves became my favorite. The misunderstanding and persecution wolves have gone through, was/is barbaric. One also finds the same attitude and actions toward homeless cats, people of other color, religeons, political groups, etc... We are all raised believing certain things. Family, schools, friends, the media etc... When someone contradicts those beliefs, most people automatically put up a wall, thinking they are being attacked, when in fact they are not, they are just being shown that there are other ways of living in this world, and that the one you were taught, through family, school, the media, etc... might not be the best way. I ask you to, at least, keep an open mind. Educate yourself. Don't stop questioning... Treat people and animals, and the planet, with respect, compassion. If you have an ethical option, why wouldnt you take it?

Welcome to VEGAN WOLF

Be conscious in your every day living. Every thing we do, and buy, has an impact on the planet. Find your conscience. Do your best every day to not cause pain and to make this place a better one.