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Favorite Bear Photographs

Favorite Alaska Bear Photographs

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blue bear glacier bear in grass looking around eating grass huge alaskan brown bear on rocks by ocean looking at camera black bear looking towards right with reflection in grass and trees in back in alaska brown bear sitting in rocks with back to camera lookig over his shoulder black bear looking towards right with reflection in grass and trees in back in alaska brown bear glowing in light in water brown bear eating tiny limpets off rocks near ocean in alaska Dark black blue bear large brown bear in field of grass and flowers looking up big brown bear with paw over his nose
brown bear eating by ocean with landscape to mountains behind brown bear paw print in the sand that looks convex and concave brown bear taking a bath scratching his face Blue bear glacier bay sitting in field of green grass comparing size of boot to brown bear print in alaska two brown bears walking on a cliff in alaska dark black blue bear very close looking up at me Brown bear bed in the sand by a stream alaska bear laying on snow with his claws stretched out Black bear on beach in glacier bay alaska near an interstadial stump
brown bear turning toward water in alaska brown bear sitting relaxed looking around on beach in alaska black bear sitting by ocean with waterfall in background in alaska black bear with mange walking in alaska bear swimming underwater in alaska bear under water splashing in alaska blue bear glacier bear eating grass Blue bear Glacier Bear eating grass with trees behind same blue bear glacier bear one year later, very skinny brown bear walking on big rocks by ocean big brown bear walking near white background Interesting just to note the differences in bears

Black Bears, brown bears, and Blue bears, yes, Blue bears! Blue bears are also known as Glacier Bears. They are Black bears but they have taken on the whitish Blue color of glacier ice, which help them blend into their surroundings, found only near Glaciers. Blue bears are very rare so consider yourself extremely lucky if you ever see one. Brown Bears are the same bear species as a Grizzley bear, but these coastal bears are generally larger, due to their access to a lot of fish. All the photos here were taken in Alaska.

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