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Favorite Alaska Moose and Mountain goat Photographs

Favorite Alaska Moose and Mountain Goat Photographs

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Beautiful Alaska Mountain goat with white coat looking back A pile of round moose poop, moose scat Three moose standing on the beach looking toward camera, with green trees behind Two Mountain goats 8walking 8across cliff face, one turns back to check on the younger goat
Moose swimming in ocean through golden rays of sun and grey clouds Mountain goat facing a huge cliff Baby mountain goat suckleing its mom on grey rocky area Big bull moose standing in grass with green bushes beyond Mountain goat jumping across small cavern
Mountain goat standing looking back with rocky cliff wall next to him Moose standing by ocean water looking on in grey blue dusky light Mountain goat in Alaska walking in grass and rocks Mountain goat laying on rocks near water

Alaska Moose and Mountain Goats. Yes, female Moutain Goats get horns too...

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