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Favorite Tree Photography

Favorite Tree Photographs

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moss glowing in sunshine trees seen through smoke from fire in yellowstone alaska pine trees in snow arctic circle alaska ground cover lichen trees colorful in fall trees in the fog sun trhough tree tops looking to the sky through trees covering all lake in arctic circle alaska
alaska pine trees in the clouds aerial of yellow orange trees trees in the fall colors reds orange peeling bark of a coconut tree alaska inter glacial trees, freeze dried trees, survived being covered with a glacier trees glowing with sun behind them close up of cool tree bark moss glowing from sunshine
trees in fall colors Vines raining down to the ground from tree tops in hawaii alaska pine forest and moss floor colorful Rainbow Eucalyptus bark interstadial tree with person near Glacier bay east arm Pine trees in the clouds aerial of green and yellow pine trees green pine branches that look like they are melting

Trees from the Arctic Circle to Hawaii. Also including the west coast, Yellowstone, the midwest and Florida. Trees in the snow, trees near a fire, trees in the fog, the bark of trees, aerials of trees, Moss on trees, Trees with Fall foliage colors etc...
Even trees over 5000 years old! Interstadial trees in Glacier Bay Alaska were alive and growing, over 5000 years ago! Then they were quickly covered with ice and sedimant, by fast advancing glaciers, which basically freeze dried them. This kept them covered and protected from rotting. Only in the recent past few decades, with receding glaciers, these tree stumps and logs been uncovered. They are not petrified. They are like regular dried out wood, which is one reason camp fires are not allowed in Glacier Bay...

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